Cake Smash

Tips & FAQs - Cake Smashes


Read on so you know how to prepare for this fun photo shot!!

No cameras or video cameras can be used during these sessions.

Location : 2283 Park Drive (Valleyview)

This type of session is for baby ONLY!

No family or sibling photos.

: Are Cake Smashes only for 1 year olds?

Yes, cake smashes are a special time designed for little ones turning the big ONE!

This type of session is for baby ONLY!

: What should my child wear?

We like to photograph the child prior to the cake smash and ask that you bring an outfit for these photos and an outfit for the cake smash. For the cake smash it is entirely up to you! Girls typically wear a tutu or petti skirt accessorized with beads or headbands. Boys can wear a tie or bow tie with jeans, overalls or a diaper cover.

: What colour backgrounds do you have?

White, Blue & Pink.

: Do you supply banners, balloons, or tissue flowers?

I also have a few “Happy Birthday” banners but not in every colour. I do not supply tissue flowers most parents bring these and can be purchased at most dollar stores. I do not supply balloons, you can order helium balloons in advance from the dollar store by Save-On-Foods in Sahali.

: What kind of cake do we get? De we bring it ourselves?

Due to children having allergies we do not supply the cake. I've had a few clients lately that have used Safeway for cakes and they are pretty cheap.

: Will I (Mom) get messy?

You sure will! Your little one is going to try and crawl or in some cases, run away from the shoot at times. Your clothes will get covered in frosting. You may need to get close to frosting-covered hands to show your child that he/she can in fact eat the cake. Please don’t get fancy on my account. This shoot is totally relaxed (and messy)!

: How will we clean up?

You will undress your little one right by the cake post-shoot and I will supply you a bag to pack their frosting-covered clothes in. We’ve had a few really messy little ones and parents have cleaned them up in our bathroom sink (bring a towel). Some parents choose to just clean up with wipes (so don’t forget to bring those).

: Can I bring family members with me?

It’s best if we only have a max of two additional people at the shoot (not including me and your child) because not only are we working in small quarters to keep baby contained but when too many people are talking or even trying to get smiles from the little one, they tend to get distracted easily.

: Can I take my own photo during the cake smash?

I don’t mind if you grab a quick cell phone shot during the shoot from behind me. Please no giant cameras or flashes (or other professional-grade equipment).

: Anything else we should know?

Bring Cheerios! or puffs (or whatever your child’s favourite little snack is). Both are great tricks at getting baby to touch the cake (some children don’t want to). While we cannot guarantee smiles (some love it, some hate it, many fall in between), we will work our hardest to pull out all of our best tricks to get a fabulous series of photos for you.

: How long will the session last?

The session will run about 45 min - 1 hr (max).

This type of session is for baby ONLY!

No family or sibling photos.